Society Cut-Out

Society Cut-Out is an interactive performance, requiring the public to participate in the removal of the performer’s clothes. The model starts in a long plain dress, divided into a number of squares by a permanent marker. The performer then approaches the public, neutrally giving them the opportunity to cut-out a square from the dress, and thereby making the model vulnerable to the public’s actions.

The Emperor’s New Clothes

Models are stripped, either fully nude or to minimalistic underwear (pasties and thongs), and then body painted in fake clothes. They then spend an extended period of time outside on public streets; attempting multiple every day tasks such as catching public transport and entering shops and cafes.

The Power of Words

Inspired by Milo Moire’s, The Script System, the performer is nude but body painted in words representing clothes. For example ‘bra’ across the breasts and ‘trousers’ on the legs. This was first performed in Spain and so a mix of Spanish and English words were used in that instance. Similar to Brownfield the performer then undertakes a walk around the centre of the city.

Blank Canvas

The performer is deprived of sight and hearing and stands nude or in underwear in a public location. An array of items are laid out before them, with signage inviting the public to treat the performer as a blank canvas and use any of the items laid out on them as they wish. The signage makes clear that the performer is taking responsibility for anything that might be done to them during the performance. The selection of items can range from those that are decorative or will feel nice (e.g. body paints, glitter) to those that may cause discomfort or pain (e.g. ropes, clothes pegs).

Sweatshop Shackles

The performer is body painted, as in the The Power of Words, with words representing clothes across their body. Otherwise they are completely nude. They are then tied in public and deprived of their hearing and vision. A single pair of scissors lie at their feet, point outwards. An observer watches from a discreet distance for safety, and due to the nature of the tying, the performer is unable to free themselves. The performance lasts for a set period of time, or until the performer is set free by the public.


The model poses nude or in underwear in public. Signage states that the model is standing for body confidence and invites the public to drop a heart on their body to support the action.


The performer strips nude in a public area but in a location where they will not be immediately noticed. An assistant then collects their clothes, and any other items such as wallets or phones from them. The assistant then leaves and heads to a pre-agreed location. The perform waits a few minutes and then starts walking to the meet point.

Sadly the nature of this performance means there are no photos available!


Brownfield is a series of completely nude, or underwear clad, journeys by foot and public transport in major cities and towns. The performer acts as if there is nothing unusual about the event and only interacts with the public if approached. Where possible the performers will also try to engage with local shops, cafes and bars. The Brownfield performances have lasted from 20 minutes to several hours/days (sort of!).


As with Brownfield, Greenfield relates to extended nude or underwear clad journeys. However, whereas Brownfield focuses on tops and cities, Greenfield performances occur in the countryside and on beaches. As a result the nature of the performance is different; the performances tend to be longer and fewer people are encountered.